Beautify Your Home With Realistic Crochet Houseplants



  • Bobbi Palagi

    These crochet flower are stunning! You just may have inspired me to try some! I am so happily proud to be one of your original followers and to this day I still recommend all of your wonderful fiber content and instructions to anyone looking for the best resource!! Hooray for KnitFreedom!
    Lucky Lifetime Member,

  • Marla Diamond

    Liat – that orchid is spectacular! I have no idea how I will make time to follow along with your crochet orchid class but I will try. Pippa Patterns’ loss. Love the pics of the kids; thanks for sharing your joy ;-))
    Big hugs and lots of love, Marla

  • Congratulations, Liat, on your growing, beautiful, family!

    I’m amazed at how lifelike your crocheted coleus looks.

  • I’d love to have classes in crocheting plants! I do possess very fine crochet hooks and masses of fine threads, not sure they’d be the perfect colour for the flowers (and I’m thinking I’s prefer the plants to be the colours they are supposed to be…) I am a knitter rather than a crocheter, in part because I prefer the drape – but for PLANTS crochet would be perfect!

    (I don’t know why, But I couldn’t see any of your photos in the link – but in the post I could see your Max! Congratulations!

  • Lori Tanner

    Hi Liat! The kids are ADORABLE!!!! Thanks for the crocheted houseplant photos – i just forwarded to a friend who crochets – they’re amazing!

  • Sharon Smith

    I so love your emails and look forward to each one. Thanks for sharing!

    • A

      Thank you Sharon,
      I really appreciate that! It makes it so motivating to write emails when I know you enjoy them.
      More soon!


  • I have crocheted for many years and even did a few flowers. But these are absolutely gorgeous and may motivate me to actually make a few. I have oodles of live plants so would probably need to gift them to others. Your wee ones look beautiful and healthy and growing so fast. Keeping them like that will be easy with lots of Vit D, Vit C, B vitamins, good real food and lots of love which looks like they are getting

    • A

      Thank you so much Tanya!! You will be doing a beautiful thing for others if you gift them a crochet plant. I am gifting the moth orchid to a mentor of mine, it took FOREVER! Lol.


  • First, Max is growing up fast! He looks straight on and connects with everything that’s going on in front of him. He looks like he understands, like a Buddha. Also, he reminds me of my mom — Lyla would’ve gone crazy over his cheeks and wrists. She calls the babyfat places “knaiches” and can’t resist gently pinching them! So, thanks for the memories, Max.

    Milo has grown into an independent youngster! He’s just entering that stage when we’re wondering what he’ll be when he grows up. I confess that when I saw him with the truck, I thought “engineer” maybe? At least, something technical (?). Well, que sera, sera …

    Your crocheted flowers just blew me away! I’m eager to take the class and try them out. Also, they give me an excuse to buy fabulous pots for the flowers lol. I didn’t know that you were working with size 40 thread, one of my favorite sizes. Back when I was crocheting lace doilies, I could see well. Nowadays I need reading glasses. Oh well. Getting older is the inevitable outcome of living as long as possible. It beats the other option.

    I still just want to knit knit knit, but I’m also eager to take the crochet class. Thanks for re-sparking my interest and enthusiasm, Liat!

    IMO and experience, size 40 thread isn’t gossamer when compared to size 60-100 thread! I actually used to consider size 40 “fat” and using size 0.5-0.4mm hooks easy! But that was over 20 years ago. I bring no expectations to your class and certainly none to the flowers. But I’m getting excited to try them out.


    P.S. Maybe y’all should take lots of Vitamin C and use lots of disinfectant for hands, home, laundry, etc. I can’t think of anything else for protection from Milo”s fellow students and everyone else he comes into contact with. Good luck with that!

    • A

      Thank you so much Hollis! I love reading your comments. They feel like a big hug from you.

      I would probably use size 5 yarn and 1.5mm hook to do the class just so people could see what I’m doing. I only have half a mini-monstera leaf done in size 40 thread (but I LOVE it, it’s so tiny! Smaller than the palm of my hand).

      You could easily do the plants just by buying her patterns and following the instructions, they will not be challenging for you.


  • I’d love to learn how to make some house plants I don’t have to water! It’s been a very long time since I’ve crocheted anything with thread and a tiny hook, so a class would be wonderful.

  • I can’t believe I just saw Max’s announcement!🤦🏻‍♀️
    He’s amazing, You and Milo are looking good too. 😊

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