Can The KnitFreedom Site Provide What I Need?



  • Donna Dorian

    I received the email about the free video for new knitters and how to correct mistakes. I’ve twice attempted to get this video (“ the form has been sent” pops up) but nothing….

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      Hi Donna,

      Thanks so much for your comment! I checked into what was happening and see that because you already signed up with us in February and were emailed the link to the free guide, the email system didn’t sign you up again. Sorry about that! Thanks to your comment, however, I’ve updated the form so that as soon as you fill it out, you get taken directly to the free guide instead of having to check your email.

      So if you want, you can search your email for the “Download your free guide!” email, or you can fill out the form at again and you’ll get taken directly to the guide. I hope this helps!


  • Kathy Ware

    You have been my teacher for 12 years or at least whenever you started this thing, and I have loved it ever since you’ve supported me through the diagnosis of my dementia and always kept me on. I’m sad that my membership will be thrown away. I’ve saved many of your talks and instructions, and I’ll never let them go. I hope, and I know that you wouldn’t leave us behind without always trying to teach us something. I love your voice, and I love your hands and I love that you make mistakes, and then fix them right in front of us, you’re a wonderful teacher and actually the best teacher I’ve ever had lovingly, Kathy

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      Hi Kathy,

      Thank you so much for your sweet comment! Please rest assured, you are not losing, and will never lose, your lifetime membership. You will always have access to everything we have.

      I will just not be offering the lifetime membership in the future to new students. I hope that makes sense.


  • Sheila Pylypiuk

    Years ago I paid for a full membership and then the Knit Freedom website did not work. When it came back I couldn’t access the program with my password. Since then I have lost all confidence in this program. I would really like to try again but am fearful of not getting access again after I pay again. Any advice would be appreciated. Thankyou.

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      Hi Sheila,

      Thank you so much for leaving a comment! I had no idea that you didn’t have access to what you had purchased years ago. We did have a while where we had a hard time getting everyone’s accounts straight. Fortunately we have a very good system now and I looked you up and can see that you purchased our Knitting Superstar course.

      You can access your class at any time using your account. Just click Log In in the top menu or go to If you need to set a password just click Forgot Password and enter your email. We have you on file with the same email address you used to leave this comment. Once you log in you’ll be taken right to your “My Classes” page where you will see the Knitting Superstar course.

      We have added over 20 courses since we first launched Knitting Superstar. If you want to check them out once you have confirmed you can access your previous purchase, go to You can use the coupon code VIP to get 25% off ☺️😍.

      I hope this helps. Welcome back to KnitFreedom!!


  • Ursula Rogers

    Hi Liat: I love the way you teach and the way you calmly and clearly explain how to fix mistakes, no big deal. I have purchased Knitting Superstar and have recommended your site to beginners. Here’s what I would like to see: I am an accomplished quilter and have seen the same problem in the quilting community that I see in knitting circles (myself included): you take one class, learn one project with a certain specialty yarn and a gauge written in stone but you cannot migrate that project to a different yarn, or a more or less different gauge. The instructions might ask for German short rows at the back neck if your row gauge is 22. How do you do it if your row gauge is more or less? It’s hard to get the exact row gauge! Your neckline might now look like it would fit the humpback of Notre Dame! Could you give us more classes on knitting without a pattern so we can unite a favorite pattern and a favorite yarn? Thank you! Congratulations on your new family member. He is adorable!

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      Hi Ursula,

      It’s great to hear from you! Thank you so much for commenting! You’re right that we are mostly dependent on patterns. I love the idea of knitting without a pattern! Thanks so much for the suggestion.


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