Baby Max Born Nov 19th! Liat is Back…

Announcement: Baby Max Born November 19th!

Hooray! I am happy to announce that our son Malcolm Maximiliano Garcia Gat was born at home at 1:30pm on Saturday, November 19th, 2022.

Daddy Carlos with newborn Max
Daddy Carlos with newborn Max
Baby Max resting after being born
Baby Max resting after being born
Milo is fascinated by 1-month-old Max
Milo is fascinated by 1-month-old Max
2-month-old Max learns to smile!
2-month-old Max learns to smile!
THERE'S Max's mom!
THERE'S Max's mom!
At 2 1/2 months old, Max has already been on 6 planes! Here he is waiting for a connecting flight...
At 2 1/2 months old, Max has already been on 6 planes! Here he is waiting for a connecting flight...

Liat Has Been Resting, Nursing Max, and Crocheting Up a Storm

I had to rest for a couple weeks after the birth, and since then we’ve been juggling life, laundry, and so many diapers!

I have had some free time as the baby sleeps best on my lap when falling asleep after nursing, so I have set up the nearby drawers with everything I need for crafting.

Spurred by our dark foyer which doesn’t have enough light to grow real plants, I have become addicted to crocheting realistic plants and flowers.

I’ve learned so much about crochet! If there’s any interest from the KnitFreedom community I’d get such a kick out of creating tutorial videos for how to crochet houseplants.

Here are some I’ve made so far…

Up Next: A Top-Down Lace Hat Tutorial for Magic Loop

Now that Milo has started preschool (wow!) and Max can hang out with Carlos for moments here and there, I’ll be coming back to KnitFreedom to bring you new video tutorials.

One that I already have ready to go for you is a beginner-intermediate lace hat in the round on Magic Loop – the Foliage Hat.

More news on that soon! Big hugs to you for now,


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  • Congratulations! You have a darling family! I love your crochet plants. I’ll be looking for patterns/tutorials!


  • Judi Siver

    Such a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing.
    Funny I was reading your post about the plants and just recently was watching Some tutorials about cactus plants done in crochet. When I saw them years ago I thought it was kind of silly. For some reason I have been itching to make some myself. You have really inspired me to get busy. I hope you will have time to make those classes. I’m thrilled to try it.
    Thanks and enjoy your family.

    • A

      Hi Judi,

      It’s so great to hear from you! What good timing that you are getting interested in this just now. The only thing I would not crochet would be a cactus (a succulent is ok) because cactus is not good feng shui 😂.

      I’ll send out the patterns hopefully at the end of this week!


  • Lynn Venghaus

    Your children are adorable and it is obvious they are thriving.
    I am impressed by your crocheted plants. They are so very realistic! Did you use a published pattern? I don’t do much with crochet but have friends who enjoy it greatly and think they’d like to know about these.
    Thank you for all you do on behalf of those who enjoy fondling various fibers!
    Best wishes,
    GrannyLynn on Ravelry

    • A

      Thank you so much Lynn! I followed patterns by Pippa Patterns. I am her newest devotee (I’m sure she has many). I’ll be sending out specific links for the patterns I used at the end of this week. But for now check out or Pippa Patterns on Etsy.

      Another designer to check out us Happy Patty Crochet. Her patterns are even more incredibly realistic but they’re made with gossamer-thin crochet thread and a magnifying glass! 😂😜


  • Congratulations on Baby Max’s birth! I know you and your family are very excited about Max’s arrival. I am thrilled for you. He is beautiful and growing everyday, as I can see from the pictures. I hope he is sleeping through the night for you now. I can’t wait to see Milo and Max grow together.
    I am amazed at your crochet flowers. They are stunning, especially the Coleus! Thank you for the videos. They are so helpful. I am looking forward to finishing a Lace Reader’s Wrap from Ravelry that I am knitting for my sister. I am slow so it is taking me a while.
    Take care and see you soon.

    • A

      Thank you so much Catherine!! You are so sweet. Yes, Max is a great sleeper! It’s Milo who still wakes me up a bajillion times a night. 😜🤦‍♀️

      I’d love to make a crochet coleus tutorial – it was one of the simplest of the projects (not to say I didn’t work fingers to the bone creating it) 😜


  • Ursula benyak

    Congratulations! Max is so handsome.
    Your flower creations are stunning. I am not into crocheting; could talk myself into learning. Beautiful!

    • A

      Thank you Ursula! I’ve never been as inspired to crochet as I am now that I realize I can beautify my house with the results. It’s worth it!


  • Tami Baker

    I absolutely adore your beautiful boys. Congratulations! The plants that you crocheted are amazing! I would love to have video tutorials from you! I have been using your videos and tips for years. I don’t get as much time as I like to do my yarn crafts- but when I do, your tutorials are an invaluable resource. I am a lifetime member! I remember years (and years) ago trying to read a pattern and follow the directions as a self taught knitter- then came the internet, but you can spend hours and hours going through site after site. Your website is a one stop shop. Honestly, you are the Bob Ross of the knitting (crochet) world. I love when you make happy little mistakes and then show us how to adapt and go on or fix.
    Thank you so much and enjoy your family.

  • God bless your lovely family. I enjoy seeing your pictures.

  • Marty Dawson

    Welcome back, Max is adorable. I love the crocheted orchid. Yes, please do a pattern 🧶💗

  • OMG I LOVE the houseplants! Yes, yes, yes do a tutorial!

  • Barbara LeBlanc

    Hi Liat and Mazel Tov to you and Carlos on the birth of your second son. He certainly looks like a very happy & healthy child and I’m sure your whole family is kvelling over the new addition. Your crocheted plants and flowers are really beautiful. They are so realistic looking. I’m a little envious of your mild climate right now since we are having back to back snowstorms dumping practically 2 feet of snow each time. I’ve been pretty homebound because I am recovering from knee replacement surgery. At my advanced age, it seems that replacement of body parts is the thing to do. I branched out from knitting to crocheting and I’m even enjoying Tunisian Crochet projects. Mosaic crochet projects I find particularly fun to do. You might want to consider offering classes in these topics. I definitely would be interested in taking a class on making your crocheted flowers and leaves. I’m glad to see that you are back and I’m looking forward to future zoom meetups about either knitting or crochet.

    • A

      Hi Barbara,

      Thanks so much for commenting! I am looking forward to getting back to the Zoom calls as well. Soon!!
      Knee replacement surgery is no joke, but wow you’ll be good as new when it’s all said and done! Hang in there.
      And I’ll be envious of YOUR climate in a few months from now when it will be so hot and humid that we have to take a shower every time we walk around the block 🤣🤣


  • Lynn Hawthorne

    Congratulations! Two cuties in the house now.
    Each one of the crocheted orchids is amazing.

  • Dear wonderful parents and brother Milo! You’ve been on my mind lately! Thank you for the great update! Looking forward to more tidbits from you on family, crocheting and knitting. Glad to see you looking so healthy and happy . The crocheted flowers are beautiful.

    • A

      Hi Joanie,

      Thanks so much for your comment! I didn’t quite mean to let 5 months pass by without sending out an update. I’m happy to be back at the computer sharing photos and blog posts with my lovely readers. 😍



    Congratulations. Your new little one is adorable. I like your crocheted plants too.

  • First, congratulations on baby Max! Each picture is so heartwarming, and how sweet is Milo!
    Second, thanks for all of the tutorials that arrive in my inbox. I have been knitting for a number of years but I still read each email and watch the videos and I learn new tips and techniques from you all the time. They (and you) are such a gift.
    Third, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to crochet houseplants!!!!! The ones you made are amazing!
    I hope the “long days, short years” of parenting bring you and Carlos much joy.

    • A

      Hi Nancy,
      Thank you for this wonderfully sweet and encouraging comment. I’m so happy you still like seeing me pop up in your inbox and you are still learning! And I’m so tickled you are inspired by my crochet plants!! I LOVE them too!!!!
      It’s amazing to be a parent and I’m so happy I’m doing it with Carlos by my side. It’s still the hardest thing EVER – but this soft, cuddly baby is sure making it nice right now.

      Big hugs,

  • Too cute! Congratulations! He looks nice and healthy and my doesn’t he look like momma!… have your hands full.
    The plants are beautiful…..I have been teaching myself crochet so would be interested in classes.

    • A

      Thank you so much Mary! That’s great to know. I think you will learn a lot by doing some crochet flowers – I know I did!

  • Diana Hedlund

    Congratulations!! What a beautiful baby. You look so happy! All the best. Diana

    • A

      Hi Diana,
      Thank you so much for coming here and leaving me a comment! I so appreciate you and your kind support all these years. I AM very happy to have such a sweet, squishy, happy baby. That sleeps. I deserve it!! Lol. Hugs to you.


  • He is beautuful! Congrats. Be kind to yourself!!

    • A

      Hey Blair,
      It’s great to hear from you!! I hope you are doing well. I certainly will be kind to myself. Just today I was beating myself up because I didn’t feel like cleaning the toilet but I didn’t like the way it looked. I think I will try some encouraging self-talk for a week and see how my attitude changes. Thank you so much!
      Hugs to you,

  • Congratulations on baby Max. I end warm blessings to this little man and his big brother
    Your plants look really good. I hope your will share them with us
    Thank your for everything. It has been a pleasure to follow your for many years

    • A

      Hi Iris,
      It’s been wonderful having you as my student all these years! These connections mean so much to me. I hope you are very well.
      Happy knitting!

  • Liat, I am thrilled for all of you! Max is adorable (gotta love those cheeks) and Milo is so gentle with him. Fab name too. Wondering how he will fit it all on standard forms ;-))
    I’m excited you’re back too. Not ready to take on crocheted flowers but yours are spectacular. As soon as I finish this seemingly endless afghan I am knitting I will finish my socks. Then I’ll have space to take on some new and different project.
    Sending you all wishes for joy and, hopefully, sleep!
    Love, Marla

    • A

      Thank you so much Marla! Now if you can send some hints to Milo that HE sleep, maybe I can get some rest! Still haven’t figured that one out yet, lol.
      I adore you. Keep plugging away at your afghan! It will be an amazing heirloom.

      • So happy to receive your reply, thanks! OK, I’m filling the Universe with mantras for Milo to sleep. Ever grateful for your support and encouragement. I’m going to focus on “amazing heirloom” to keep me going. Hugs back and so much love, Marla

  • Debbie S.

    Congratulations on your new addition to your beautiful family! The pictures are fabulous.

    I would be interested in a video/instructions of the crocheted coleus plant. That is beautiful.

    Thanks so much.

  • You and your family are beautiful!

  • Ingrid Wirsche

    Congratulations! I think the little guy has lots of his mommy’s features…..what a cutie.

  • Charlene

    Your crochet flowers are amazing. Incredibly lifelike.

    • A

      Thank you so much Charlene! I am really enjoying having them in my house. I had no idea this was a thing. Now I’m obsessed, haha.
      I hope to share more info soon.


  • Baby Max is beyond adorable! As is Milo. And you look radiant beneath the fatigue. Carlos’s smile couldn’t be more glorious. Mazel tov!

    I absolutely love your flowers! So much grace. I’d register for a class in crocheted flowers, both to learn how to make the shapes and also how to assemble the foliage and arrangements.

    Thanks so much for your blog posts. I’ve learned so much from watching your fingers and listening to you explain what you’re doing.

    Much appreciation!

    • A

      Hi Megan,
      Thank you for your sweet, kind comment! I love the feedback about the flowers, thank you. It’s great to have you as a student.

  • Barbara H

    Max is absolutely adorable with such bright eyes and his sweet chubby cheeks. The picture with Milo is so sweet. Congratulations to you and your happy family!

  • Beth Hungerink

    Hi, Liat!
    Welcome back…congratulations and blessings on your growing family.
    I also have two children…daughters…that are grown. They have been
    my greatest teachers from day one.
    You, however, run a close second! I appreciate all you do for those of
    us who knit…your videos are priceless.
    Wishing you good health, and strength for the challenges of baby number two.

    • A

      Hi Beth,
      Thank you so much! I would love to have a daughter someday. (I guess it would need to be someday soon, lol! I’m already 40). And thank you for those kind words about my videos. I’m so grateful I have something to teach you.

  • Beth Leatherman

    Congratulations on your beautiful, growing family! Daddy looks the proudest of any father I’ve ever seen!

    Love the flowers too. Excited to see the lace hats! I was just thinking about you a lot because I made socks that didn’t quite fit 😢 . I knew you’d have a solution, but I’m frogging and using a different stitch (the pattern stitch reduced the circumference). I frequently post links to your site via Facebook. You’re such a big help to so many knitters!

    • A

      Wow Beth, thank you so much, it’s wonderful to read your comment! I’m so sorry about your socks. It seems you have figured out the key yourself. Tough but important lesson learned! Thank you so much for sharing my site on Facebook, that’s amazing!! You are probably what’s keeping us going 😀
      Thank you,

  • Theresa C.

    Congratulations! Those crocheted flowers are beautiful! I would love to see some tutorials on how to make them.

  • Congratulations! Max is adorable and so is Milo. 😊
    Those crocheted plants look so realistic. Alas, I do not know how to crochet.
    Looking forward to the new hat pattern.

    • A

      Thank you Patti! I’ll be posting a link to my Beginner Crochet class soon (wink wink). Also the lace hat pattern! That’s coming up as well.
      Thanks for being part of KnitFreedom!


  • Your baby is beautiful. I love those cheeks. Your flowers are incredible. Both baby and flowers are perfect.

  • Frances Martin

    Congratulations to the family! Glad you are doing well.

  • What a beautiful baby- those cheeks! Congratulations to all. Tnanks for sharig those pictures- so lovely. The crocheted house plants look amazing.
    Have a great day!

  • Congratulations to both of you🙏🎉😍, Max is so so CUTE 💟.
    Thanks for sharing the pic💖
    Did you really rest??? Your crochet flowers are AMAZING👏👏👏 and are also time consumming to make. Really bluffing, looking so real🌹🌻🌷
    Looking forward to your next videos 🙏💕

    • A

      Thank you so much, Martine! I am so jazzed about the crochet flowers.
      I made them all while Max was sleeping on the Boppy, nursing. I did them holding my arms up in the air over his head! I had to stop and rest my arms every few stitches. But I was VERY motivated! 😀
      Thanks so much for your sweet comment.

  • Sally Kiewicz

    Congratulations on that beautiful baby. He is stinking adorable and I am so happy for you and for your family. God’s blessings on you and yours.

    • A

      Hi Sally,
      Thank you so much for coming and commenting! It makes me so happy to see your name pop up.
      Thank you for the blessings. I feel so blessed, especially reading everyone’s kind words. Thank you.

  • Debbie Klassen

    Little Max is adorable! Welcome to the world little one. Congratulations to you all and a huge HUG to the fascinated Milo!

    As for your crochet flowers – I just spent hours going through a Ravelry creator of flowers that will remain nameless and yours are far superior! Please do share your patterns, especially that Moth Orchid. I can’t keep those poor plants alive for the life of me, so this is the answer. LOL

    Congrats again, and welcome back <>

    • A

      Thank you so much Debbie! You are so sweet! The patterns were not invented by me, I just followed them to the best of my ability. I’ll be posting links to the patterns, but they are by Pippa Patterns, who you can find on Ravelry and Etsy. I found her on Etsy and just want to make every single thing she has designed.

      And, yes, this IS the answer to not being able to keep plants alive. I can’t believe I didn’t think of it/ know of it before now, but I’m so happy I do now!


  • Jeanette Wiley

    What a beautiful baby! And what a proud Daddy! Congratulations to you both.
    I love your crocheted plants and flowers. You are so talented. Thank you so much for all the hints and tips you have posted for novices like me. I head to your website whenever I’m in trouble. Thanks again!

    • A

      Hi Jeanette,
      Aw, thank you so much for these sweet words! I’m glad we snapped that pic of Carlos – it was a big day! (“A big job” as Milo said).
      I’m so appreciative that you find my tutorials helpful. That means the world to me.

  • Linda lou Stout

    He is such a cute little boy. Like the looks of the big boy and the middle boy as well. lol
    Missed you a lot. btw, my birthday is Nov. 19th as well.
    Hope you are all doing well.
    Your houseplants are so beautiful. I should know, as I’ve killed a few of them in my time.
    Take care, girl. Love to all. Linda lou

    • A

      Hi Linda,
      Wow, you and Max share the same birthday, that is so cool! I’m sorry to have been gone for so long – I didn’t mean to just disappear like I did. I’m happy to be back! Thanks so much,

  • Congratulations, Liat! Max is beautiful, as is your little family!

    Thank you for your tutorials. I learned to knit two at a time toe up socks from you!


  • Penny Young

    Congratulations! I am in awe that you have two children, one who is an infant and have created these incredible crocheted plants. Tutorials would be wonderful!! Just be sure to take care of yourself first!

    • A

      Thank you so much Penny! I was very motivated to create those plants – I worked on them a teeny bit at a time when Max fell asleep on me while nursing. It was too much work, but it’s so nice to look around my house now and see them adding color and life to their little areas.
      Thanks for your kind comment.


  • Chris Austin

    Congratulations! I’m loving the blog pics and Max is already breaking hearts. So glad you and the fam are doing so well. Welcome back!

    PS- Crochet, sure I’m game, love the flowers! I’ve also tried to gradually switch to continental knitting. Still not my comfort zone as tension is wonky.

    We have missed you! 💕🤗

    • A

      Hi Chris,
      It’s great to hear from you! Thank you for your comment. It’s great to be back!
      I’m happy to hear you’re giving Continental knitting a good effort. It’s hard to make it your comfort zone quickly, as it takes a lot of practice to get comfortable and confident in a style of knitting. At some point you may have to make the switch completely, and go cold turkey on American style, to overcome the last bit of wonkiness. Let me know if you need help, I’m here for you!


  • Danielle Gareau

    What a beautiful baby. A real treasure.
    I would love to learn how to crochet plants. Did you write the patterns?

    • A

      Thank you so much, Danielle! No, the crochet patterns are not mine, they are by Pippa Patterns. She’s amazing! But I have learned a LOT of good nuggets about crochet that I would love to share. I hope to be able to do so soon.

  • Dorothy Taylor

    Glad to see you back Liat,
    Max is adorable! I am happy for you and your family to have such a bundle of joy to love.

    The beauty of the plants/flowers that you made with crochet is just amazing! I can only chain, single crochet, but I’d sure like to make those orchids!

    Warmest wishes,
    Dorothy Taylor

    • A

      Thank you so much Dorothy! I so appreciate that. He really is a bundle of joy – so soft and sweet.
      I hope to be able to share with you some tutorials soon about the crochet orchids! There is so much to learn about crochet by doing a project like this. And if you can can chain and single crochet you can learn the rest.


  • Stephanie Fricke

    First, congratulations and Max is adorable!!!
    Second, YES please, house plant tutorials!! Because my two cats love to eat all greenery, I have to keep real plants or flowers out of sight. Then what’s the use? Your plants are so beautiful and life-like!

    • A

      Hi Stephanie,
      Aw, thank you so much!! And, hooray! I’m so glad you are excited about the house plants. They are so stress-free. I love knowing that even if Milo decides to knock one of the plants on the floor (he hasn’t yet), nothing really bad would happen to it. I even intend to do seasonal flowers and pack them away when not in season, and get them out again, like Christmas decorations! You can’t do that with real flowers, lol 😀


  • Congratulations! The whole family is beautiful… crochet plants, please send the recipe I love them all!

    Hugs to you all!

  • Jennifer Matlock

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Gorgeous baby with such kissable cheeks! How do you get anything done? 😉

    Both our girls were born at home, and it was the best experience!

    I love the crocheted plants – we have cats that like to eat the real deal, so I’m going to give these a shot. They look delightful!

    • A

      Thank you so much Jennifer! Yes, I do spend a lot of time kissing those cheeks. He’s at this incredibly precious stage right now, every time I kiss his cheek he just looks at me in happiness and wonder. And every so often I get some laundry done.

      It was incredible to have the birth at home, but tough, too! Milo was there the whole time – I was supposed to have a friend come get him but she never showed! So we were all in it together 😀 In the end, it turned out great.

      Thanks so much,

  • Susan Linville

    Congratulations! He is beautiful! I LOVE homebirths. 💗

    • A

      Thank you so much Susan!! This was the experience I had been wanting with Milo. I feel so blessed that I got to have it this time with Max.
      Thanks for your kind words.

  • Marjorie Opgenorth

    First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!!! on your new little bundle of joy! He is absolutely adorable as is big brother, Milo! What a beautiful family you have have! Of course, I would love to see videos of how you created the wonderful and so realistic house plants!!! they would be the perfect projects for honing my old and hardly used crochet skills. Thanks so much for sharing a glimpse of your personal life with us. I look forward to hearing and seeing more as your children grow as well as information about your creative endeavors. Wishing you and Carlos all the best!

    • A

      Hi Marjorie,
      Wow, thank you so much! It means so much to me that you feel connected to us and are enjoying the pictures I’m sharing. It’s great to have you a part of KnitFreedom all these years. And YES! The crochet plants are perfect for whipping your crochet skills into super-good shape! You’ll feel so proud of yourself. I’m looking forward to teaching all the tricks I’ve learned spending hundreds of hours probably crocheting these plants.


  • CONGRATULATIONS……… AND WELCOME BACK. The boys are it in your life…….. how lucky they are to have you.
    Loved seeing you and hubby and delightful little boys………… One not so little anymore…… WOW…. TIME FLIES. <3
    WHAT A HUG IN THE HEART TO SEE YOU COME BACK INTO MY EMAIL BOX. WISHING YOU MUCH LOVE….. TONS OF IT to you all…. !!!!!!! Love and smiles and happy thoughts, Louise <3

    • A

      Hi Louise! Thank you so much!! You are so kind to come here and comment. Sorry it took me so long to send out an email! My brain couldn’t concentrate at the computer until recently. I wish you so much love, too. Your connection means the world to me. Thinking of you often and sending you support and love.

  • Janis Bisio

    I love your crocheted houseplants!, they look so realistic! Please share!

  • Ruth Leibbrandt

    Congratulations. I pray that your little one will fill yours lives with joy.

  • tamarque

    Congratulations. Your family is growing. Happy Dad and adorable baby. Your crochet flowers are beautiful. I have made a few but not as sophisticated as yours. Love them.

    • A

      Thank you for your kind words and congratulations! I’m happy to hear that you love the crochet flowers – they’ve been a fun and creative outlet for me during my maternity leave. With a little practice, I’m sure you’ll be making beautiful ones in no time!

  • Susan Lima

    Oh my God! I could eat those cheeks!! He is so beautiful and Milo looks like such a loving big brother. I am so very happy for you and Carlos. Enjoy those little guys….they grow too fast.

    I love the idea of no care houseplants. The orchids are beautiful and the monstera is amazing. I also love the coleus. The colors are perfect.

    Congratulations again and bless those little guys!
    Thanks for all you do! Sue Lima

    • A

      Hi Sue,
      Thank you so much for your sweet comment! We’re overjoyed to have little Max in our lives, and Milo has been a wonderful big brother. I’m glad to hear that you love the crochet plants – I’ve become obsessed with them. I couldn’t wait to see the coleus plant become a reality.
      Thank you so much for being here with me!

  • Congratulations! Such a BEAUTIFUL baby!!! I love his cheeks! Precious! Also, those crocheted flowers are so realistic looking! I had to enlarge the image to actually see the stitches. Amazing!
    Warm wishes to you and your 3 guys!!

    • A

      Thank you so much Maureen! I love his cheeks too! They are as soft as they look 😀
      And thank you for your kind compliments about my flowers. I’m excited to be sending out a new blog post this Saturday with more photos and info. Stay tuned!

  • Dixie Hegg

    Congratulations and best wishes with your new baby, a bountiful blessing. Your emails have been sorely missed. I have recommended you and your website to my daughters and granddaughters as an excellent source of knitting knowledge; and now crocheting. Wow! The flowers you shared are beautiful to say the least.

    • A

      Hi Dixie!
      Thank you so much! I didn’t mean to take so much time off, it kind of slipped by! I really appreciate you spreading the word about KnitFreedom – you are probably the reason we are still in business. I’m delighted that readers like you are also interested in crochet, I wasn’t sure if anyone would be. So thank you for the feedback!

  • Dianna Jorgensen

    Baby Max is adorable! He’s obviously thriving on Mama’s nourishment!
    I love the plants you’ve created. They’re absolutely amazing and lifelike!! I’m not a crochet person, but you’ve outdone yourself.

  • Dale Lewis

    Being a knitter and crocheter I would love to learn how to crochet those flowers. They are absolutely beautiful.

    • A

      Hi Dale,
      Thank you for that feedback! I’m encouraged to hear so many people interested in the flowers. I’ll be sending out more photos and info this Saturday.

  • 🎊Congratulations!!! Such a beautiful baby.

  • Sheila LICHTER

    Mazel Tov ! Thanks for the beautiful pictures. May y1ou and your family enjoy each other.

  • Congratulations on your new baby boy! And your new crochet botanicals are amazing (how you found the energy, time boggles my mind). Your magic loop hat mention/photos caught my eye. During your post birthing recovery months, I’ve been tackling learning brioche stitch to knit a hat, which also required me to finally learn a new cast on: Old Norweigan/twisted German. I previously struggled with magic loop cast-on while learning to do toe-up socks, and same with long tail cast ons (I think it has something to do with being left handed and trying to do right handed cast ons), so generally fall back to do the same boring basic cast on. But thanks to on-line tutorials for left handed knitters I forced myself to learn that cast on, so maybe if/when I finally finish this brioche hat I can look at your new hats! Welcome back on-line but don’t go overboard, ok?

    • A

      Hi Laura,
      Thank you so much for your comment, it’s great to hear from you! I will try not to go overboard. I was excited you learned the Old Norwegian cast-on! The Foliage Hat is actually a top-down hat, so it requires like no cast-on at all! Hope that’s ok 😀

  • Bobbie Burrs

    Ohhhhh, Liat! SO happy to hear that you are well and now have TWO precious sons! Your husband looks beyond thrilled! What a blessing! Max and Milo are so cute! We will be here when you’re ready to do tutorials. Your crocheted orchids and plants look SO realistic. You are BEYOND talented!!! 🥰

  • Those plants are AMAZING! I would love to learn how to make them!!! You are so incredibly creative!!! My husband was impressed too! I will need to brush up on my crochet but would love to try!!!! Congratulations on your baby and home birth!!!

    • A

      Thank you so much Wendy! Don’t give me too much credit – I didn’t develop these patterns, I just followed them. I’ll be sending out links to the patterns this Saturday. They were GREAT for helping me improve my crochet skills. I have learned a lot and I feel like a crochet badass! Lol.
      Hugs, Liat
      PS – homebirth = wow. If I had known how hard it was, I wouldn’t have been able to do it 😀

  • OMG such an adorable family! I am would love to have a tutorial post on crocheting house plants. Yours are the most beautiful ones I have seen.

    • A

      Hi Ann,
      Thank you so much! It’s great to hear from you and thank you for letting me know you’d be interested in these tutorials! I’ve gotten more positive feedback than I was expecting, so that is very exciting!

  • Congratulations!

  • Rochelle McBride

    I would LOVE to see tutorials on how to crochet your lovely orchids! My son is growing and learning about real orchids now. But crocheting some orchids of my own would guarantee that I couldn’t kill it! Trust me, I can kill a silk plant (it just takes a little longer than a real plant!)

    Congrats on your lovely family. Enjoy them while they are young. They grow up tooooooo fast!

    • A

      Hi Rochelle! Haha your comment made me laugh. That is so cool that your son is actually growing orchids. I used to grow orchids when I was in college. At the peak I had about 50. I LOVED them. Re-creating them in yarn now is such a nice way to enjoy orchids again, but without all the pots and potting medium and lights and drip trays and moving them to water them. And you can still re-create the joy and excitement of seeing spikes because you can just crochet a new one from time to time! Your orchid could actually grow over time until it resembles one of those beautiful Orchid Society winners that has like 5 spikes on it. I wanted to tell you this was my FAVORITE book back when I was growing orchids:

      There are a lot of orchid books out there but your son might like that one. It’s not too huge and you learn everything you need to know.

  • Brenda Bloomfield

    I LOVE the crocheted flowers! Where did you get the pattern?

    MAZEL TOV on the new baby! He’s just beautiful!
    Best wishes to all!
    Shabbat Shalom!

    Brenda Bloomfield

    • A

      Hi Brenda!
      Thank you so much! The crochet flowers are from I’ll be sending out lots of links and more photos this Saturday.
      And thank you for the congratulations.
      Hugs to you!

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