With The Right Clip, It Only Takes 2 Minutes to Immediately Improve Your Knitting

Think the Best Stuff on YouTube Comes Up in Your Recommended Videos Feed? Think Again.

The pieces of wisdom that will change the way you think about knitting in just minutes are hidden, buried within hour-long interviews, little-known knitting panels from celebrity knitting retreats and yarn festivals, hours-long academic presentations and little-publicized keynote speeches at fiber conferences.

Sometimes, the expert advice that makes the biggest difference in your knitting doesn’t come from knitters at all! Experts in learning, self-development, and mental frameworks all have impactful tricks to improve your knitting if you just know where to find them.

With The Right Clip, It Only Takes 2 Minutes to Immediately Improve Your Knitting

That’s why I’m starting a new “Become a Knitting Superstar” video clip curation series coming to you every Wednesday starting next week. Video clip curation means that I scour the web, the academic journals, and even experts outside the field of knitting, finding the 1-2 minutes of video gold that will immediately improve your knitting, your mindset, and your approach to the craft.

What Do Debbie Bliss, Clara Parkes, and Elizabeth Zimmermann Have in Common? They’re All Appearing In My New Video Clip Series

Curation means finding the “best of the best,” so that with absolutely no effort on your part, you’ll be on your way to becoming a Knitting Superstar with the best, most impactful knitting advice from experts like Clara Parkes, Ann Budd, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (the “Yarn Harlot), Julie Weisenberger (CocoKnits), Elizabeth Zimmermann (the “Julia Child” of knitting), Bestan Corkhill, Debbie Bliss, and Kaffe Fasset, just to name a few, not to mention the foremost experts and authors on learning, creativity, skill development, and more.

I’ll share one very short clip that will have an immediate impact on your attitude, mindset, or knitting skill, and post it every Wednesday for you to enjoy and share with your friends.

Cement Your Learning With These Easy-to-Share, Super-Short Video Clips

The best teacher, in my own experience, is the teacher who, in the course of teaching, is learning.

—Mortimer Adler

This “Become a Knitting Superstar” video clip curation series is my way of expanding my knowledge and always learning something new in the field of knitting, so that I’ll always have something fantastic to teach you.

And as you learn from these videos, the best way to cement that learning is to teach someone else! Share these videos as a way of teaching others and thereby learning twice as deeply.

Please leave me a comment and let me know how interesting this was for you, on a scale of 1-10. What was the most interesting thing about this for you? Thank you!



  • Gwen Fahlgren

    I just recently became a Knitting Superstar Lifetime member after several years of following you. If it wasn’t for you, Liat, I would have never stuck it out! I have very poor health and am not able to exercise or even go for a short walk. I knew I had to find something worthwhile in my life. My husband has just pulled through colorectal cancer that just darn near took his life several times in the past year. He has had brain cancer three times and many many tumors. We are both in our early 60’s. I pondered over spending the money for a lifetime membership for several years. Then I finally came to the realization that $208 was a drop in the hat compared to what a psychiatrist would have costed me. I still go down that rabbit hole where everything I try is wrong and I don’t want to get out of bed, but I am pulling through it much faster. Sometimes my failures and my health make me feel hopeless. Your videos help pull me out of this. When it takes me two weeks to cast on a pair of socks, (I’ve knitted a hundred pairs!) I have learned to slow down to baby steps again and be thankful for each bit of progress and dwell on that . I am so grateful for your therapeutic way of teaching. Thank you so much for all tgat you do! Please keep up tge good work!

    • A

      Hi Gwen,

      Thank you so much for this lovely comment and for joining us as a Lifetime member! I am so sorry it took me more than a week to reply – I’ve been on my own with my two kids this month and I wanted to take the time to answer you properly.

      It’s amazing to me to read about your story and hear about how much you’ve gone through. I am so proud and honored to be even a small part of what supports you in these many, many challenges. Please contact me next time it takes you two weeks to cast on for socks! To see if I can support you in any way. And your kind words are a huge support to me.

      Big, big hugs and please do stay in touch.

  • Can hardly wait!!!!!!!!!Thanks for this great idea!! How HELPFUL are you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sandy Herbener

    What an absolutely brilliant idea!!!
    I can’t wait 🙂 🙂

  • Marla Diamond

    Liat – you are the person to curate the best of what’s on the net! Thanks so much for coming up with this brilliant idea. I have spent a lot of hours looking for whatever I need in that moment. It’s overwhelming. But, I always trust you! Already looking forward to Wednesday for the first installment.

  • This is GREAT news, Liat! I’m 88 and still learning and loving knitting and crocheting. So much to do and so little time! Hugs to you and your beautiful family.

  • Margie Watkins

    This sounds perfect! I can’t begin to guess how many times I’ve looked to YouTube for information only to be daunted by all the time it would take to get to a nugget that would help. Thank you for being the Grand Curator 😊

    • A

      Hi Margie,

      Thank you for this encouraging comment! I’m sorry for the delay in replying. I hope to find you so much good content that you wouldn’t otherwise find.
      Hugs and keep the feedback coming!

      Thank you,

  • Liat,
    All your courses are amazing. I’m winding down my knitting these days, but how I wish videos like yours had been around 50 or 60 years ago!!! I would have been all over them!!!

    You’ve also been in my thoughts, because I’ve hoped your Israeli relatives have all been safe and will remain safe.

  • Hi Liat! I’m quite intrigued by your approach to curating info from sources beyond knitting. Before I retired I did a similar curating process for my healthcare coworkers which was presented every Wednesday at our team mtg.
    It was a big and useful hit.

    I’m very hopeful that perhaps you’ll find some clips for knitters with acquired hand disabilities that have forced us to change how we knit. Arthritis, loss of fingers really alters one’s knitting ability and style.

    Thanks for pursuing this. Looking forward to your weekly finds!

    • A

      Hi again Janet, another commenter on this post mentioned a Norwegian thimble, which I am going to try out and see if is a viable option. Maybe this is interesting to you? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bRs25FS5RU


      • Judi Johnson

        So happy for this new connection! Way to go and think outside the box as always!

    • A

      Hi Janet, thank you so much for your comment! I’m also excited to discover new sources of wisdom. I’m thinking your similar Wednesday process is a good omen for me! And I’m really glad yours turned out to be useful. That’s very encouraging.

      Yes, I’ve gotten a lot of comments over the years from knitters looking for new styles of knitting that will accommodate different types of injuries and chronic pain. Thank you for reminding me about this ever-present search. I will look specifically for new tips that I have not seen before!


  • Madeleine Antonio

    I give this short clip a 9 rating. You gave just enough info to be a teaser. Now I’ll be counting the days till Wednesday of next week.

  • Can’t wait. I’m always learning something each and every day. Thanks for your dedication to teach us all. ❤️

  • I thing I liked best is the quote……the best teacher is the one that keeps learning!! And the other best thing is your videos! You are by far the best teacher…..with the best videos!! Thank you!!

    • A

      Woohoo, that’s so great to know! Yes, that quote really inspired me and kind of gave me direction going forwards. You are so kind, I’m so lucky to have you as a student!!

  • Marilyn Rayner

    Liat, for those of us that are already lifetime members do we have to pay this again? Also, how do I access the videos I’ve already paid for? Thanks

    • A
      Elias - Customer Happiness Guru

      Hi Marilyn,

      The clips will be free. I replied to the email that you sent regarding the issue that you are facing.


  • Erica P

    I love everything about this concept, Liat!! I agree wholeheartedly about the “gold nuggets” being buried deep and that’s what I appreciate so much about you- that you put in the time and passion to dig and bring us the best of the best. As someone who passionately loves learning new skills in many areas of interest, I especially appreciate that you embrace the big picture and include mindset and skill development tips for all areas. My excitement is a 10 on a the scale!

    • A

      Woohoo, thank you so much, Erica! I really appreciate your continued involvement and your positive contribution to this site and community. Your 10 is huge for me!

  • On the scale 8 if these short clips do get to the point. I would be interested to see what it’s all about. Welcome back to the knitting world of friends!😁

    • A

      Thank you so much, Carol! I really will make them short. KnitFreedom readers don’t need any fluff 😀
      Thank you for your comment!

  • This sounds interesting, I’m looking forward to it!

  • Betty Green

    I’m anxious to see the clips and have set a reminder. I have a question, although I get your email, have I paid for a subscription?

    • A
      Elias - Customer Happiness Guru

      Hi Betty,

      There is no membership under your KnitFreedom account. You have a free account.


  • Chris Crockett

    2 minutes! SWEET!

    • A

      Haha I’m so glad the shortness of the clip is resonating with you! I love things that get right to the point. The first clip for this Wednesday is actually only 90 seconds ;D

  • Frances Martin

    I am so looking forward to this! I need all the help I can get, but the SHORT clips sound perfect for me.

  • How thoughtful! Truly! What a way to encourage, enlighten and exhort us to hone our skill! Yay! Your membership is SO totally worth it!

  • Merrill

    Can’t wait for these clips. The best part is your personal curating – you always get right to the heart of any knitting matter. Thank you in advance!

  • Can’t wait to see what you’ve found!

  • Liat, you know just what a knitter needs. Always. Your posts are so informative and now I’m looking forward to Wednesdays. 10 stars!

  • I enjoy your instructive comments and am looking forward to your Wednesday clips.

  • Ann Marie Joyce

    Liat- I’d pay for that! There is so much coming at you online; impossible to evaluate or get useful nuggets.

    Knitted with your videos alongside side me back in the day so would trust your opinion on what’s new and good vs assuming the new way automatically better. Also, love your non- judgemental non- shaming instructional ways- never got the hang of magic loop 😔

    • A

      Amazing! I couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m just learning about curating but it does seem to be the way we will all soon be navigating the exponential increase in online content year over year.

      Thank you so much for your trust in my opinion. That means absolutely the world to me.

  • 10 stars. Delighted you will be in touch again regularly. I learn a LOT from you. THANK YOU.

    • A

      Hi Rose, thank you so very much! I’m excited to be in touch again too! You have no idea. Back together and moving forwards! 😀

  • Lori Tanner

    Wow! Awesome, Liat!

  • Billi Cummings

    I’m looking forward to your clips. Great idea.

  • I’m looking forward to your Wednesday clips. Your videos have helped me immensely in the past. They are clear, direct and enjoyable. You helped me discover that I’m a combination knitter and not “doing it wrong” as so many people have told me. Thanks for your commitment to helping us!

    • A

      Thank you so much, Jane! I am so pleased how you view my videos. That is exactly what I would hope for. And Hooray for combination knitting! I am such a fan. I hope to publish more information about Combination Knitting sometime in the future – the world needs to know more about it. Hugs,

  • Deborah


  • Solid 10.

    I’m a Knitting Superstar member just returning to knitting after a hiatus. The new Wed YT clips will be a great way for me to reinforce my learning and motivation to enhance my knowledge

    • A

      Yay!! Yes, that’s exactly what I’m hoping for. Minimum time and effort on your part, just a nice, steady, enhancement to your learning. Hugs!!

  • Cindy S

    It sounds great! I can’t wait to start getting the clips, especially with you curating them! A 10 idea, for sure.

  • Jenni Johnson

    Excellent addition to your informative, extensive videos and classes.

  • So looking forward to your new content. It is great to have you back. I learned knitting socks 2 at a time from you and have shared that knowledge with fellow sock knitters. You have a way of teaching that really sinks in and is so easy to understand! So, looking forward to the tips and tricks you share from other experts!

  • I have always found your videos VERY helpful, clear and motivating! I am looking forward to your new content😍

  • Sheri Sterling

    Always need encouragement to get past the anxiety of heels and toes!!!

    • A

      Ooh, that’s great to know! Well I can give that to you now without any video clips. YOU CAN DO IT!! Heels and toes can become your favorite parts of socks. Just message me at happiness@knitfreedom.com or on facebook.com/knitfreedom when you need encouragement and I’ll be there for you!

  • Carolyn Leyboldt

    I’ll be watching! I love finding new ways to approach and improve my knitting. Right now I’m waiting to experiment with 1×1 knitting using a Norwegian thimble. I love your specific, short method videos which get right to the point 😉

    • A

      Hooray! I love your attitude. And thanks to you I have JUST ordered a Norwegian thimble. This looks so interesting for those who have trouble with tensioning the yarn due to arthritis! Thank you for the tip and for being a KnitFreedom student!

  • Debbie Supowit

    I will be watching. Will you have a video on duplicate stitch.

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